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Martial Base Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I get my martial arts school added the Martial Arts School Finder?
To have your website considered for inclusion in the Martial Arts School Finder, submit the following:
  • Contact Name
  • Martial Arts School Name
  • Martial Arts School location
  • Hours of operation
  • Information about school styles, programs, history, etc.
Also, you must update your website to include a reciprocal link back to In the form, include the web address of where you have published the link on your website. Go to the contact form and submit the information and we'll get back to you.
How do I become a featured martial arts school?
To be considered as a featured martial arts school, you will need to do the following:
  1. Contribute back to the Martial Base martial arts community by submitting an article. The article must be at least 600 words and be related to martial arts. The submitted article will be published on the Martial Base article web page. You may include your website address in the article as an additional means to promote your website.
  2. Include a reciprocal link on your website which points to and provide the web address of where the link is published.
  3. Provide your martial arts school logo, information about your martial arts school and a maximum of 6 photos.

After submitting the aforementioned items, your martial arts school will be added to Martial Base as a featured martial arts school. To start the process of becoming a featured martial arts school, email

How do I update my martial arts school listing?
If you need to update your martial arts website listing ASAP, then we encourage you to upgrade to Ultimate Advertising. The Ultimate Advertising package will give you full control of your martial arts school listing and enable you to bring your martial arts business to a whole new level. Otherwise, click here to make a request to update your martial arts school listing.
How do I remove my martial arts school listing from the Martial Arts School Finder?
We periodically review martial arts school listings to ensure that the information is valid. There are cases when a martial arts school goes out of business and we have not been notified. If you aware of a martial arts business that is no longer in business, please let us know and we will remove the martial arts school listing.