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Mushin Self Defense

567 W 2600 S
Bountiful, Utah
(801) 296-0734

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Mushin Self Defense is Utah's leader in Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, and Combat Submission Wrestling Instruction. Our professional, Certified Instructors offer personalized coaching for first time students as well as professional fighters and competitors.

Mushin Self Defense is Utah's Representative School for Erik Paulson's Combat Submission Wrestling. We are also the State of Utah's Bountiful Branch of Ajarn Surachai Sirisute's Thai Boxing Association of the USA. We also offer kids karate which incorporates all aspects of Martial Arts instruction. Self Discipline, Respect and Practical Skills for all ranges of Self Defense (Striking, Clinching and Grappling).

CSW Combat Submission Wrestling TBA Thai Boxing Association Muay Thai MMA Kids Karate

Combat Submission Wrestling = Erik Paulson > Brandon Kiser > Brian Yamasaki Muay Thai = Surachai Sirisute > Brian Yamasaki Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu = Pedro Sauer > Will Bernales > Brian Yamasaki & Brandon Kiser Jeet Kune Do & Kali = Dan Inosanto > Will Bernales > Brian Yamasaki

Brandon Kiser Certified Coach Level II and State Representative in CSW Brian Yamasaki Certified Coach Level I CSW and Instructor in TBA Muay Thai



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